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There are many insights about blackjack players and basics that can show you the way. You can find indexes and online listing that will be very helpful. You can contact casinos advisors as well. There is so much out there that it becomes overwhelming. If you want to look for a specific blackjack player profile, then start going for an extensive research!

Some famous Players

  1. About Barry Meadow - He is pretty much a Gambling author, a horse bettor not to mention how well he plays blackjack. He played on the latest Blackjack Tour. Apart of being a blackjack lover and player, he has also published many known books. These books are about bets but especially horse bets. Barry is also the unique author of the so called Crushing Online Casinos.
  2. The known Brian Zembic - He is for some people, the man that has millionaire breasts. He is not only a player but also a high stakes player. He loves to play backgammon. You may be impressed with the fact that he is considered a novice magician.
  3. Learning about Max Rubin - He is author of a great book and the host of each Blackjack Ball. You may also know him because of his host attributes in daily television. He is a celebrity who often provides all sorts of comments related to gambling TV shows. He has frequent speaking commitments around the United States.

Know about these guys either

  • The amazing Stanford Wong - Is the Author of the Professional Blackjack. He is also the host of the most active blackjack website that is out there on the Internet. His books related to gambling are pretty much the best convenience!
  • About Sam Vaughn - he is a magnificent blackjack player who has participated in many tournaments. Many tournament players have been beat by him. He has won more than a million dollars, Sam is impressive.
  • Edward Thorp - the Author of an amazing book, Beat Dealers and also inventor of the card counting. He wasn't simply a random blackjack player. Apart of playing and counting cards, Edward was also a great math teacher, hence a pioneer in blackjack math.
  • About Cathy Hulbert - She was known as the very best female gambling player on the planet earth". She is somehow known a great poker player. Cathy won the World Poker Series back in 1993.
  • Michael Konik - He publishes a recent book related to Smart Money. It is the best convenience when it comes to sports betting facts and the whole industry.
  • The reputable Anthony Curtis - a Gambling expert. He is also the publisher of Vegas Advisor. Curtis has a great site which is considered pretty much the perfect gambling destination. It is important to listen to his many tips and hints because he surely knows the industry.

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