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In the past forts were built to safe guard the county's best interest, here we to strive hard and have built strong protective shield for your personal information. In fact you can decide whether you want to divulge any personal information at all. You can visit and use the site with providing information, and you need to provide more information only when you want to access more facilities.

How safe is my information?

The site never stores any information like credit card numbers or addresses and phone numbers. They are securely placed under sophisticated technology like the SQL servers. In fact they use other advanced technologies in order to protect our information. They use technology like web beacon and cookies in order to ensure complete safety.

Why send me cookie?

The website controls the traffic of information using cookies. Cookies are nothing but, small piece of information that the website sends the using browser, so it is stored with the using browser and the website will have access to it the next time you browse it. The cookies can hold any type of information, from registration details to shopping carts.

Therefore the information is relatively safer in the hands of the cookie. These cookies may be altered to suit the custom needs by the sending website, you will receive alerts regarding it, and choosing to accept them or not is under your discretion.

When will the website use my information?

The website mainly uses the information to have a check on their services, they can use this information in order to contact the valuable customer and receive invaluable feedback

The website has also collaborated with several third parties in order to provide better and more efficient services. In fact they use on the behalf of the website some amount of confidential information you provide. They are authorized to send online advertisements, or other survey forms all intended in making your time spent on the website better. In fact you can even reject these mails and opt out it by following the links for it.

The website only asks for simple and non-sensitive personal information, which is stored securely and used wisely. So you can have peaceful nights when thinking of your information's status.

How do I know if there is any change?

The privacy policy is indeed very assuring, it is made secure and safe and in case any changes are made you are the first to know. Most updates and alterations are mentioned on the home page for a period of around two weeks. You can also know if there are alterations by reviewing the date above the statement. Check it regularly and be updated and feel safe.

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